La Casa de Pedro is a high-spirited, fun and familial dining destination for fine Latin cuisine.

Owner and Chef Pedro Alarcón serves simple, authentic, scratch-made dishes that highlight the traditions of his native Venezuela and broader Latin American heritage.

Every guest who walks through La Casa de Pedro’s doors may as well be walking through the entrance of Pedro’s own home; there is no difference in the level of welcoming hospitality. Pedro’s is designed to transport guests to a tropical getaway.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and raised by my mother Leda Isabel and my father Pedro Nolasco alongside my five siblings: Carmen, Dorys, César, Ursula Soraya and Beatriz. My mother, like most Spanish mothers, was a true artist when it came to cooking and the nurturing of the soul. She believed all matters could be resolved over a great meal and a hearty talk at the dinner table, for there was no greater source of harmony.

One of my most vivid memories of her was her daily mastering of each meal. Her dishes were simple, prepared with the perfect amount of spices and, of course, plenty of love.

Her doors were perpetually open to friends to sit at her table. I want to share with you that passion. My dishes, like my mother’s, are also simple, with the perfect amount of spices and love.

Welcome to my table and enjoy the beautiful traditions of my culture: to celebrate family and friends, to resolve all matters, to laugh out loud and to love life!

With the help of his five sisters, the restaurant’s bright tangerine and lime green walls are complemented by unique wares sourced from Pedro’s various travels.

Colombian paintings of tropical fruits and landscapes adorn the walls; the bar is decorated with vibrant Spanish tiles; colorful plates and bird cage accents have been collected from markets throughout Latin America; and, oversized live palm trees, adorned in lights, add a whimsical touch.

If this wasn’t enough to whisk guests away, the live Latin music on weekends should do the trick!